Magic 2013

Magic 2013 contains 249 cards.
Released: 2012-07-13
Base set size: 249 cards.
Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Ajani, Caller of the Pride {1}{W}{W}

Legendary Planeswalker - Ajani
[+1]: Put a +1/+1 counter on up to one target creature.
[–3]: Target creature gains flying and double strike until end of turn.
[–8]: Create X 2/2 white Cat creature tokens, where X is your life total.
Ajani's Sunstriker

Ajani's Sunstriker {W}{W}

Creature - Cat Cleric
"Ajani goes where he is needed most and in his name we keep his lands safe."
Angel's Mercy

Angel's Mercy {2}{W}{W}

You gain 7 life.
"She rose above me, and in that moment Varrik the Bloody died and I was born."
—Varrik the Just
Angelic Benediction

Angelic Benediction {3}{W}

Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, you may tap target creature.
"Only the bravest are worthy of our blessing."
Attended Knight

Attended Knight {2}{W}

Creature - Human Knight
First strike
When Attended Knight enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token.
Aven Squire

Aven Squire {1}{W}

Creature - Bird Soldier
When the meek charge into battle, courage becomes infectious.
Battleflight Eagle

Battleflight Eagle {4}{W}

Creature - Bird
When Battleflight Eagle enters the battlefield, target creature gets +2/+2 and gains flying until end of turn.
Eagles make fine mounts, but they're too proud to carry anyone for long.
Captain of the Watch

Captain of the Watch {4}{W}{W}

Creature - Human Soldier
Other Soldier creatures you control get +1/+1 and have vigilance.
When Captain of the Watch enters the battlefield, create three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens.
Captain's Call

Captain's Call {3}{W}

Create three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens.
"Who among you has the courage to face certain death? Who will heed my call?"
—Rayel Vanger, Firstblade of Thune
Crusader of Odric

Crusader of Odric {2}{W}

Creature - Human Soldier
Crusader of Odric's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control.
"We are Odric's sword. We strike without fear, for his mind has divined how our foe will be slain."
Divine Favor

Divine Favor {1}{W}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
When Divine Favor enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life.
Enchanted creature gets +1/+3.
With an armory of light, even the squire may champion her people.
Divine Verdict

Divine Verdict {3}{W}

Destroy target attacking or blocking creature.

Erase {W}

Exile target enchantment.
"Don't trust your eyes, for mages are skilled in deception. Trust only in your faith. It will wipe everything clean."
—Lila, Erunian priest
Faith's Reward

Faith's Reward {3}{W}

Return to the battlefield all permanent cards in your graveyard that were put there from the battlefield this turn.
"I thought the wind was ushering me to my final destination, but it lifted me to my feet and I fought on."
—Idrus, war priest of Thune
Glorious Charge

Glorious Charge {1}{W}

Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.
"One's blade is only as sharp as one's conviction."
—Ajani Goldmane
Griffin Protector

Griffin Protector {3}{W}

Creature - Griffin
Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, Griffin Protector gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
The drums of war stir the hearts of all who fight for righteousness.
Guardian Lions

Guardian Lions {4}{W}

Creature - Cat
Approach in peace or not at all.
Guardians of Akrasa

Guardians of Akrasa {2}{W}

Creature - Human Soldier
"Only by the bravery of those who put loyalty above glory is our home kept safe."
—Elspeth Tirel
Healer of the Pride

Healer of the Pride {3}{W}

Creature - Cat Cleric
Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 2 life.
"No life is without meaning. No living thing is too small to be strong."
Intrepid Hero

Intrepid Hero {2}{W}

Creature - Human Soldier
{T}: Destroy target creature with power 4 or greater.
A fool knows no fear. A hero shows no fear.
Knight of Glory

Knight of Glory {1}{W}

Creature - Human Knight
Protection from black
"I will uphold the law, and no manner of foe will stop me."
Oblivion Ring

Oblivion Ring {2}{W}

When Oblivion Ring enters the battlefield, exile another target nonland permanent.
When Oblivion Ring leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.
Odric, Master Tactician

Odric, Master Tactician {2}{W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Human Soldier
First strike
Whenever Odric, Master Tactician and at least three other creatures attack, you choose which creatures block this combat and how those creatures block.
"Fear holds no place in faith's battle plan."

Pacifism {1}{W}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature can't attack or block.
For the first time in his life, Grakk felt a little warm and fuzzy inside.
Related card: Domesticated Mammoth
Pillarfield Ox

Pillarfield Ox {3}{W}

Creature - Ox
"May starving fleas birth a thousand generations on your stubborn hide, cow!"
—Bruse Tarl, Goma Fada nomad