Might of Old Krosa

Might of Old Krosa {G}

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If you cast this spell during your main phase, that creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn instead.
Sometimes even humble forest creatures were gifted with mighty emanations from the past.
  • 2021-03-19 If an effect copies Might of Old Krosa while it's on the stack, the copy will give the creature only +2/+2, even if the original spell was cast during your main phase. This is because the copy is created on the stack and wasn't cast at all.

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Foreign names
  • 古克洛萨之力
  • 古克洛薩之力
  • Macht des alten Krosa
  • Puissance de l'ancienne Krosia
  • Potenza della Vecchia Krosa
  • 古きクローサの力
  • Bravura da Antiga Krosa
  • Мощь Старого Кроса
  • Poder de la antigua Krosa