Lorwyn contains 301 cards.
It is part of Lorwyn block.
Released: 2007-10-12
Base set size: 301 cards.
  • Lorwyn Draft Booster (LRW-DRAFT)
  • Lorwyn Tournament Deck (LRW-TOURNAMENT)
  • Ajani Goldmane

    Ajani Goldmane {2}{W}{W}

    Legendary Planeswalker - Ajani
    [+1]: You gain 2 life.
    [–1]: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control. Those creatures gain vigilance until end of turn.
    [–6]: Create a white Avatar creature token. It has "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to your life total."
    Arbiter of Knollridge

    Arbiter of Knollridge {6}{W}

    Creature - Giant Wizard
    When Arbiter of Knollridge enters the battlefield, each player's life total becomes the highest life total among all players.
    Though giants are mortal, they live so long and on such a grand scale that many small folk don't believe they ever truly die.
    Austere Command

    Austere Command {4}{W}{W}

    Choose two —
    • Destroy all artifacts.
    • Destroy all enchantments.
    • Destroy all creatures with mana value 3 or less.
    • Destroy all creatures with mana value 4 or greater.
    Avian Changeling

    Avian Changeling {2}{W}

    Creature - Shapeshifter
    Today it flies with the flock. Tomorrow it may wake to find them gone, its body in an unfamiliar form.
    Battle Mastery

    Battle Mastery {2}{W}

    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature has double strike.
    "Boom! Boom! Boots the size of oxcarts, then an axe like a falling sun. Elves scattered. Trees scattered. Even the hills ran for the hills!"
    —Clachan Tales
    Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile

    Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile {2}{W}{W}

    Legendary Creature - Kithkin Archer
    First strike
    {T}: Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile deals 2 damage to each attacking or blocking creature target player controls.
    Thanks to one champion archer, the true borders of Kinsbaile extend an arrow's flight beyond the buildings.
    Burrenton Forge-Tender

    Burrenton Forge-Tender {W}

    Creature - Kithkin Wizard
    Protection from red
    Sacrifice Burrenton Forge-Tender: Prevent all damage a red source of your choice would deal this turn.
    "We are a clachan of smiths. The forge is as comfortable to us as a small fire during a cool winter's evening."
    Cenn's Heir

    Cenn's Heir {1}{W}

    Creature - Kithkin Soldier
    Whenever Cenn's Heir attacks, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each other attacking Kithkin.
    His home clachan's familial spirit bolsters his own, but he will be ready to preside over the town as cenn only after he learns to project that strength to others.
    Changeling Hero

    Changeling Hero {4}{W}

    Creature - Shapeshifter
    Champion a creature
    Cloudgoat Ranger

    Cloudgoat Ranger {3}{W}{W}

    Creature - Giant Warrior Ranger
    When Cloudgoat Ranger enters the battlefield, create three 1/1 white Kithkin Soldier creature tokens.
    Tap three untapped Kithkin you control: Cloudgoat Ranger gets +2/+0 and gains flying until end of turn.
    Crib Swap

    Crib Swap {2}{W}

    Kindred Instant - Shapeshifter
    Exile target creature. Its controller creates a 1/1 colorless Shapeshifter creature token with changeling.

    Dawnfluke {3}{W}

    Creature - Elemental
    When Dawnfluke enters the battlefield, prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt to any target this turn.
    Evoke {W}
    Entangling Trap

    Entangling Trap {1}{W}

    Whenever you clash, tap target creature an opponent controls. If you won, that creature doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
    Favor of the Mighty

    Favor of the Mighty {1}{W}

    Kindred Enchantment - Giant
    Each creature with the highest mana value has protection from each color.
    "What does a mountain fear of a fly? Giants are barely aware of us, let alone afraid."
    —Gaddock Teeg
    Galepowder Mage

    Galepowder Mage {3}{W}

    Creature - Kithkin Wizard
    Whenever Galepowder Mage attacks, exile another target creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.
    Goldmeadow Dodger

    Goldmeadow Dodger {W}

    Creature - Kithkin Rogue
    Goldmeadow Dodger can't be blocked by creatures with power 4 or greater.
    "I've gotten close enough to a giant to smell his breath, but none has ever so much as spotted me. I wonder how long my record can extend?"
    Goldmeadow Harrier

    Goldmeadow Harrier {W}

    Creature - Kithkin Soldier
    {W}, {T}: Tap target creature.
    "It's a proven fact that sling-stones from the dawn side of the riverbank sail the farthest and truest."
    —Deagan, cenn of Burrenton
    Related card: Goldmeadow Lookout
    Goldmeadow Stalwart

    Goldmeadow Stalwart {W}

    Creature - Kithkin Soldier
    As an additional cost to cast this spell, reveal a Kithkin card from your hand or pay {3}.
    The thoughtweft ties a clachan together. Sharing each other's hopes and fears, all the village's citizens spring into action upon the first threat to any one of them.
    Harpoon Sniper

    Harpoon Sniper {2}{W}

    Creature - Merfolk Archer
    {W}, {T}: Harpoon Sniper deals X damage to target attacking or blocking creature, where X is the number of Merfolk you control.
    Made from whiskergill bones, merrow spinebows can fire bolts through tree trunks.
    Hillcomber Giant

    Hillcomber Giant {2}{W}{W}

    Creature - Giant Scout
    The giants believe the fossils they find in Lorwyn's rocky heights are dreams frozen in time, and they treasure them.
    Hoofprints of the Stag

    Hoofprints of the Stag {1}{W}

    Kindred Enchantment - Elemental
    Whenever you draw a card, you may put a hoofprint counter on Hoofprints of the Stag.
    {2}{W}, Remove four hoofprint counters from Hoofprints of the Stag: Create a 4/4 white Elemental creature token with flying. Activate only during your turn.
    Judge of Currents

    Judge of Currents {1}{W}

    Creature - Merfolk Wizard
    Whenever a Merfolk you control becomes tapped, you may gain 1 life.
    Though the currents of the Lanes shift every year, the merrow never lose track of where they are or where they are going.
    Kinsbaile Balloonist

    Kinsbaile Balloonist {3}{W}

    Creature - Kithkin Soldier
    Whenever Kinsbaile Balloonist attacks, you may have target creature gain flying until end of turn.
    Even when a giant's tantrum turns the sky into a chaotic gale, the path of the balloonist never falters.
    Kinsbaile Skirmisher

    Kinsbaile Skirmisher {1}{W}

    Creature - Kithkin Soldier
    When Kinsbaile Skirmisher enters the battlefield, target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
    "If a boggart even dares breathe near one of my kin, I'll know. And I'll not be happy."
    Kithkin Greatheart

    Kithkin Greatheart {1}{W}

    Creature - Kithkin Soldier
    As long as you control a Giant, Kithkin Greatheart gets +1/+1 and has first strike.
    Sometimes a curious giant singles out a "little one" to follow for a few days, never realizing the effect it will have on the little one's life.