Muraganda Petroglyphs

Muraganda Petroglyphs {3}{G}

Creatures with no abilities get +2/+2.
Some mages forsake their scrolls and libraries to learn at the feet of ancient trees and sacred stones.
  • Artist: Scott Altmann
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 220
  • Released: 2021-03-19
  • 2021-03-19 Any text on a creature is an ability, even if that text isn't currently applicable (such as a cycling ability of a creature).
  • 2021-03-19 If a land with a basic land type becomes a creature, the intrinsic mana ability it has stops Muraganda Petroglyphs from applying to it.
  • 2021-03-19 If an effect says that an affected creature "has" or "gains" an ability, Muraganda Petroglyphs won't apply to that creature because it has gained an ability. If an effect simply says that something is true of an affected creature (such as "target creature can't be blocked this turn") then that effect isn't causing the creature to gain an ability.
  • 2021-03-19 Because damage remains marked on a creature until the damage is removed as the turn ends, nonlethal damage dealt to a creature with no abilities may become lethal if that creature gains an ability or Muraganda Petroglyphs leaves the battlefield during that turn.

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Foreign names
  • 莫甘达石雕
  • 莫甘达岩画
  • 莫甘達岩畫
  • Muraganda-Petroglyphen
  • Pétroglyphes de Muraganda
  • Petroglifi di Muraganda
  • ムラガンダの印刻
  • Petróglifos de Muraganda
  • Мурагандские Петроглифы
  • Petroglifos muraganda