Brine Elemental

Brine Elemental {4}{U}{U}

Creature - Elemental
Morph {5}{U}{U}
When Brine Elemental is turned face up, each opponent skips their next untap step.
Water calls to water, and the world is left exhausted and withered in its wake.
  • Artist: Stephen Tappin
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 50
  • Released: 2006-10-06
  • 2021-03-19 Skipping your "next" untap step is cumulative. If a player turns two Brine Elementals face up on the same turn, that player's opponents will each skip their next two untap steps.
  • 2021-03-19 If an effect says that something doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step, that effect applies to the next untap step that isn't skipped.

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Foreign names
  • 盐湖元素
  • 鹽湖元素
  • Laugenelementar
  • Élémental des embruns
  • Elementale del Mare
  • 塩水の精霊
  • Elemental de Salmoura
  • Морской Элементаль
  • Elemental marítimo