Bearer of Overwhelming Truths
Daring Sleuth

Bearer of Overwhelming Truths

Creature - Human Wizard
(Color indicator: Bearer of Overwhelming Truths is blue)
Whenever Bearer of Overwhelming Truths deals combat damage to a player, investigate.
Card has other part: Daring Sleuth
  • Artist: Seb McKinnon
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 54b
  • Released: 2016-04-08
  • 2016-04-08 If Daring Sleuth's ability triggers multiple times before any of those abilities resolves, only the first one to resolve will cause it to transform.
  • 2016-04-08 The token is named Clue and has the artifact subtype Clue. Clue isn't a creature type.
  • 2016-04-08 The tokens are normal artifacts. For example, they can be sacrificed to cast Angelic Purge or targeted by Root Out.
  • 2016-04-08 If you sacrifice a Clue for another card's cost or effect, such as that of Angelic Purge or Tamiyo's Journal, you can't also pay {2} and sacrifice it to draw a card.
  • 2016-07-13 For more information on double-faced cards, see the Shadows over Innistrad mechanics article (
  • Shadows over Innistrad (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 悟真客
  • 悟真客
  • Überbringer dramatischer Neuigkeiten
  • Porteur d'irrésistibles vérités
  • Latore di Schiaccianti Verità
  • 禁断の真相を知る者
  • 압도적 진실의 소유자
  • Portador de Verdades Terríveis
  • Носитель Гнетущих Истин
  • Portador de verdades abrumadoras