Neglected Heirloom
Ashmouth Blade

Neglected Heirloom {1}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+1.
When equipped creature transforms, transform Neglected Heirloom.
Equip {1}
"There is a rich history in a blade like this."
—Old Rutstein
Card has other part: Ashmouth Blade
  • Artist: Volkan Baga
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 260a
  • Released: 2016-04-08
  • 2016-04-08 When Neglected Heirloom transforms, it remains attached to the creature it's attached to. If the equipped creature transforms into a noncreature permanent, Neglected Heirloom will become unattached before it transforms into Ashmouth Blade.
  • 2016-07-13 For more information on double-faced cards, see the Shadows over Innistrad mechanics article (
  • Shadows over Innistrad (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 遭弃传家宝
  • 遭棄傳家寶
  • Vergessenes Erbstück
  • Héritage négligé
  • Eredità Dimenticata
  • 忘れられていた家宝
  • 방치된 가보
  • Herança Negligenciada
  • Забытое Наследство
  • Herencia rechazada