Shivan Dragon

Shivan Dragon {4}{R}{R}

Creature - Dragon
{R}: Shivan Dragon gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
While it's true most Dragons are cruel, the Shivan Dragon seems to take particular glee in the misery of others, often tormenting its victims much like a cat plays with a mouse before delivering the final blow.
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  • Artist: Martin Ontiveros
  • Collector Number: 716
  • Available only as nonfoil
  • Frame Effects: inverted
  • Promo: serialized
  • Rarity: rare
  • Released: 2023-02-21
  • Set: Secret Lair Drop
  • Stamp: oval

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Foreign names
  • 西瓦巨龙
  • 西瓦巨龍
  • Shivan-Drache
  • Dragon Shîvan
  • Dragon shivân
  • Drago di Shivan
  • シヴ山のドラゴン
  • 시바의 용
  • 시브의 용
  • Dragão de Shiva
  • Dragão de Shiv
  • Шиванский Дракон
  • Dragón shivano