Thought Reflection

Thought Reflection {4}{U}{U}{U}

If you would draw a card, draw two cards instead.
Knowledge fills the mind of a fool and opens the mind of the sage.
  • 2008-05-01 Thought Reflection doesn't cause you to draw cards. Rather, it causes card-drawing effects to have you draw more cards. It also causes the draw action during your draw step to have you draw two cards.
  • 2008-05-01 If a spell or ability causes you to draw multiple cards, Thought Reflection's effect doubles the total number you would draw. For example, if you cast Concentrate ("Draw three cards"), you'll draw six cards.
  • 2008-05-01 The effects of multiple Thought Reflections are cumulative. For example, if you have three Thought Reflections on the battlefield, you'll draw eight times the original number of cards.
  • 2008-05-01 If two or more replacement effects would apply to a card-drawing event, the player who's drawing the card chooses what order to apply them.

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Foreign names
  • 心念映象
  • Gedankenspiegelung
  • Réverbération de pensée
  • Riflesso di Pensiero
  • 思考の反射
  • Reflexo de Pensamento
  • Отражение Мысли
  • Reflejo del pensamiento