Burnt Offering

Burnt Offering {B}

As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature.
Add X mana in any combination of {B} and/or {R}, where X is the sacrificed creature's mana value.
  • Artist: Rick O'Brien
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 65833
  • Released: 2018-08-10
  • 2013-04-15 You must sacrifice exactly one creature to cast this spell; you cannot cast it without sacrificing a creature, and you cannot sacrifice additional creatures.
  • 2013-04-15 Players can only respond once this spell has been cast and all its costs have been paid. No one can try to destroy the creature you sacrificed to prevent you from casting this spell.
  • Treasure Chest (common)
  • Ice Age (common)

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Foreign names
  • Brandopfer
  • Offrande consumée
  • Pira Sacrificale
  • Oferenda em Chamas
  • Ofrenda ardiente