Academy Loremaster

Academy Loremaster {U}{U}

Creature - Human Wizard
At the beginning of each player's draw step, that player may draw an additional card. If they do, spells they cast this turn cost {2} more to cast.
  • 2022-09-09 bilities that reduce the cost to cast a spell apply after abilities that raise them. For example, if an opponent chose to draw an additional card as Academy Loremaster's triggered ability resolved, Argivian Phalanx (a card with mana cost {5}{W} and the ability "This spell costs {1} less to cast for each creature you control.") will cost them {W} to cast that turn if they have seven or more creatures.
  • 2022-09-09 he cost increase applies to spells that player casts even if they're casting them for an alternative cost. If they cast a spell without paying its mana cost, they'll still have to pay {2}.
  • Magic Online Promos (rare)
  • Dominaria United Promos 40p 40s (rare)
  • Dominaria United 40 391 (rare)

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Foreign names
  • 大学院博学者
  • Lehrmeisterin der Akademie
  • Maîtresse docte de l'académie
  • Sapiente dell'Accademia
  • アカデミーの伝承師
  • Mestra do Saber da Academia
  • Maestra sabia de la Academia