Fleshbag Marauder

Fleshbag Marauder {2}{B}

Creature - Zombie Warrior
When Fleshbag Marauder enters the battlefield, each player sacrifices a creature.
Grixis is a world where the only things found in abundance are death and decay. Corpses, whole or in part, are the standard currency among necromancers and demons.
  • Artist: Mark Zug
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 98
  • Released: 2015-07-17
  • 2008-10-01 When the ability resolves, you may sacrifice Fleshbag Marauder itself. If you control no other creatures, you'll have to sacrifice Fleshbag Marauder.
  • 2015-06-22 As Fleshbag Marauder's ability resolves, first you choose a creature to sacrifice, then each other player in turn order chooses a creature to sacrifice, then all those creatures are sacrificed simultaneously.

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Foreign names
  • 肉囊劫掠者
  • 肉囊劫掠者
  • Marodierender Fleischsack
  • Maraudeur sacpeau
  • Predone Sacco di Carne
  • 肉袋の匪賊
  • 시체로 짜맞춘 약탈자
  • Saqueador Saco-de-Carne
  • Трупный Куль-Мародер
  • Merodeador bolsa de carne