Moonsnare Prototype

Moonsnare Prototype {U}

{T}, Tap an untapped artifact or creature you control: Add {C}.
Channel{4}{U}, Discard Moonsnare Prototype: The owner of target nonland permanent puts it on the top or bottom of their library.
  • 2022-02-18 The owner of that permanent chooses whether it goes on top or bottom. Other players get to know what they chose. In some unusual cases, including melded or mutated creatures, a permanent may consist of multiple cards. In those cases, the permanent's owner puts all cards on top or all cards on bottom. They choose the cards' relative order, and other players don't get to know that order.
  • 2022-02-18 Discarding the card is part of the cost to activate a channel ability.
  • 2022-02-18 If a channel ability requires a target, you may not activate it without a target just to discard the card.
  • Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (common)

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Foreign names
  • 月索原型
  • 月索原型
  • Mondschlingen-Prototyp
  • Prototype de collet lunaire
  • Prototipo di Trappola Lunare
  • 月罠の試作品
  • 달빛올가미 프로토타입
  • Protótipo de Lunilaço
  • Прототип Лунных Силков
  • Prototipo de trampalunar