Ghalta and Mavren

Ghalta and Mavren {3}{G}{G}{W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Dinosaur Vampire
Whenever you attack, choose one —
• Create a tapped and attacking X/X green Dinosaur creature token with trample, where X is the greatest power among other attacking creatures.
• Create X 1/1 white Vampire creature tokens with lifelink, where X is the number of other attacking creatures.
  • Artist: Betty Jiang
  • Collector Number: 386
  • Available only as foil
  • Frame Effects: legendary
  • Promo: bundle
  • Rarity: rare
  • Released: 2023-04-21
  • Set: March of the Machine
  • Stamp: oval
  • 2023-04-14 Although the Dinosaur token enters the battlefield attacking, it was never declared as an attacking creature (for the purposes of abilities that trigger whenever a creature attacks, for example).
  • 2023-04-14 For both modes, the value of X is determined as the ability resolves.
  • 2023-04-14 If you choose the first mode and there are no other attacking creatures, you'll create a 0/0 Dinosaur token. Unless something else is immediately raising its toughness, the token will die. You won't have time to respond with a spell or ability to try and save it. A similar situation occurs if the greatest power among other attacking creatures is 0 or less.
  • 2023-04-14 If you choose the second mode and there are no other attacking creatures, you won't create any Vampire tokens.
  • 2023-04-14 You choose which player, planeswalker, or battle the Dinosaur token is attacking. It doesn't have to be the same player, planeswalker, or battle that Ghalta and Mavren is attacking.
  • March of the Machine Promos 225p 225s (rare)
  • March of the Machine 225 307 386 (rare)

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Foreign names
  • 戈厄塔与马仁
  • Ghalta und Mavren
  • Ghalta et Mavren
  • Ghalta e Mavren
  • ガルタとマーブレン
  • Ghalta e Mavren
  • Ghalta y Mavren