Urza's Mine
Masters Edition IV
257d (basic)
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Urza's Mine

Land - Urza’s Mine
{T}: Add {C}. If you control an Urza's Power-Plant and an Urza's Tower, add {C}{C} instead.
Mines became common as cities during the days of the artificers.
  • Artist: Anson Maddocks
  • Rarity: basic
  • Collector Number: 257d
  • Released: 2011-01-10
  • 2004-10-04 If you have at least one of each of the three Urza's lands on the battlefield, you must take the 2 mana instead of just one.

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Foreign names
  • 克撒的矿脉
  • Urzas Bergwerk
  • Mine d'Urza
  • Miniera di Urza
  • ウルザの鉱山
  • Mina de Urza
  • Шахта Урзы
  • Mina de Urza