Scavenging Ooze

Scavenging Ooze {1}{G}

Creature - Ooze
{G}: Exile target card from a graveyard. If it was a creature card, put a +1/+1 counter on Scavenging Ooze and you gain 1 life.
In nature, not a single bone or scrap of flesh goes to waste.
  • Artist: Austin Hsu
  • Collector Number: 204
  • Available foil and nonfoil
  • Rarity: rare
  • Released: 2020-07-03
  • Set: Core Set 2021
  • Stamp: oval
  • 2020-06-23 If the target card is an illegal target when the ability tries to resolve, it won't resolve and none of its effects will happen. No +1/+1 counter will be put on Scavenging Ooze and you won't gain life. Notably, this means that if you activate Scavenging Ooze's ability multiple times targeting the same creature card, only the first instance of the ability to resolve will have any effect.

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Foreign names
  • 腐食流浆
  • 腐食流漿
  • Aasfressender Schlamm
  • Limon nécrophage
  • Melma Mangiacarogne
  • 漁る軟泥
  • 청소부 점액괴물
  • Lodo Necrófago
  • Трупоедная Слизь
  • Cieno carroñero