Roaring Primadox

Roaring Primadox {3}{G}

Creature - Beast
At the beginning of your upkeep, return a creature you control to its owner's hand.
"They're easy enough to find. Question is, are you sure you want to find one?"
—Juruk, Kalonian tracker
  • Artist: James Ryman
  • Collector Number: 196
  • Available foil and nonfoil
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Released: 2014-07-18
  • Set: Magic 2015
  • 2012-07-01 Roaring Primadox's ability is mandatory. When it resolves, if Roaring Primadox is the only creature you control, you must return it to its owner's hand.
  • 2014-07-18 The ability doesn't target any creature. You choose which one to return when the ability resolves. No player can respond to this choice once the ability starts resolving.

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Foreign names
  • 咆哮原跺兽
  • 咆哮原跺獸
  • Brüllendes Primadox
  • Primadox rugissant
  • Primadox Ruggente
  • 咆哮するプリマドックス
  • 울부짖는 프리마독스
  • Primadox Rugidor
  • Ревущий Перводокс
  • Primadox rugiente