Weldfast Wingsmith

Weldfast Wingsmith {3}{U}

Creature - Human Artificer
Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield under your control, Weldfast Wingsmith gains flying until end of turn.
"Airships are too confining. If I'm in the sky, I want to feel the wind in my hair and taste the aether."
  • Artist: Dan Scott
  • Collector Number: 69
  • Available foil and nonfoil
  • Rarity: common
  • Released: 2016-09-30
  • Set: Kaladesh

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Foreign names
  • 焊锢区翼匠
  • 焊錮區翼匠
  • Bronzeviertel-Schwingenschmied
  • Forgeur d'ailes de Vive-Soudure
  • Artefice d'Ali della Saldapoli
  • 速接会の翼鍛冶
  • 신속땜질지구 날개제작공
  • Aseiro de Soldafirme
  • Летучий Кузнец Сварного Шва
  • Alaslabradas de Sueldafirme