Acrobatic Maneuver

Acrobatic Maneuver {2}{W}

Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control.
Draw a card.
Renegades find ever more creative ways to work around the Consulate's aether regulations.
  • Artist: Winona Nelson
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 1
  • Released: 2016-09-30
  • 2016-09-20 After the creature returns to the battlefield, it will be a new object with no connection to the creature that was exiled. It won't be in combat or have any additional abilities it may have had before it was exiled. Any +1/+1 counters on it or Auras attached to it are removed, and any Equipment will no longer be attached.
  • 2016-09-20 If a creature token is exiled this way, it will cease to exist and won't return to the battlefield.

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Foreign names
  • 杂耍计略
  • 雜耍計略
  • Akrobatisches Manöver
  • Manœuvre acrobatique
  • Manovra Acrobatica
  • 軽業の妙技
  • 곡예 기동
  • Manobra Acrobática
  • Акробатический Маневр
  • Maniobra acrobática