Festering Newt

Festering Newt {B}

Creature - Salamander
When Festering Newt dies, target creature an opponent controls gets -1/-1 until end of turn. That creature gets -4/-4 instead if you control a creature named Bogbrew Witch.
Its back bubbles like a witch's cauldron, and it smells just as vile.
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  • Artist: Eric Deschamps
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 234
  • Released: 2020-07-17
  • 2017-11-17 Whether you control a creature named Bogbrew Witch is checked only as the triggered ability resolves. How the target creature is affected won't change if you gain or lose control of all your Bogbrew Witches later in the turn.

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Foreign names
  • 腐臭水蝾
  • 腐臭水蠑
  • Eiternder Molch
  • Triton à pustules
  • Newt in Putrefazione
  • ただれたイモリ
  • 썩어가는 도마뱀
  • Salamandra Purulenta
  • Гниющий Тритон
  • Salamandra purulenta