Diplomacy of the Wastes

Diplomacy of the Wastes {2}{B}

Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card. If you control a Warrior, that player loses 2 life.
"Our emissaries are gifted negotiators."
—Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
  • Artist: Jack Wang
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 67
  • Released: 2015-01-23
  • 2014-11-24 If you control a Warrior as Diplomacy of the Wastes resolves, the target opponent will lose 2 life even if that player didn't discard a card (perhaps because they had no cards in hand).
  • Fate Reforged (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 荒漠式外交
  • 荒漠式外交
  • Diplomatie der Ödlande
  • Diplomatie des landes
  • Diplomazia delle Distese Desolate
  • 荒野での交渉
  • 황무지 외교
  • Diplomacia dos Ermos
  • Дипломатия Пустошей
  • La diplomacia de los yermos