Deafening Silence

Deafening Silence {W}

Each player can't cast more than one noncreature spell each turn.
"They have forsaken their vows. The edict of the Circle demands their voices be silenced."
—Syr Tasdale, knight of Ardenvale
  • Artist: Igor Kieryluk
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 10
  • Released: 2019-10-04
  • 2019-10-04 Players may cast any number of creature spells plus one noncreature spell each turn.
  • 2019-10-04 Deafening Silence will look at the entire turn to see if a player has cast a noncreature spell yet that turn, even if Deafening Silence wasn't on the battlefield when that spell was cast. Notably, you can't cast Deafening Silence and then cast another noncreature spell that turn.
  • 2019-10-04 If you cast a noncreature spell that was countered, you can't cast another noncreature spell that turn.
  • Throne of Eldraine (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 震撼寂静
  • 震撼寂靜
  • Ohrenbetäubende Stille
  • Silence assourdissant
  • Silenzio Assordante
  • 耳の痛い静寂
  • 귀를 멀게 하는 정적
  • Silêncio Ensurdecedor
  • Оглушительная Тишина
  • Silencio ensordecedor