Xenic Poltergeist

Xenic Poltergeist {1}{B}{B}

Creature - Spirit
{T}: Until your next upkeep, target noncreature artifact becomes an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal to its mana value.
Related card: Golgothian Sylex
  • Artist: Dan Frazier
  • Collector Number: 20
  • Available only as nonfoil
  • Rarity: uncommon (U3)
  • Released: 1994-03-04
  • Set: Antiquities
  • 2004-10-04 Wears off at the beginning of the upkeep, not during upkeep.
  • 2008-08-01 A noncreature permanent that turns into a creature can attack, and its {T} abilities can be activated, only if its controller has continuously controlled that permanent since the beginning of their most recent turn. It doesn't matter how long the permanent has been a creature.

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Foreign names
  • Xenischer Poltergeist
  • Poltergeist xénique
  • Poltergeist di Xenic
  • 異形の騒霊
  • Poltergeist Xênico
  • Poltergeist animista