Iymrith, Desert Doom

Iymrith, Desert Doom {3}{U}{U}

Legendary Creature - Dragon
Iymrith, Desert Doom has ward {4} as long as it's untapped.
Whenever Iymrith deals combat damage to a player, draw a card. Then if you have fewer than three cards in hand, draw cards equal to the difference.
  • 2021-07-23 If a player casts a spell that targets multiple permanents their opponent controls with ward, each of those ward abilities will trigger. If that player doesn't pay for all of them, the spell will be countered.
  • 2021-07-23 If a spell or ability an opponent controls targets Iymrith, Desert Doom while it is tapped, finding a way to untap it in response will not cause its ward ability to trigger.

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Foreign names
  • 沙漠厄运艾穆莉丝
  • 沙漠厄運艾穆莉絲
  • Iymrith, Verderben der Wüste
  • Iymrith, Fléau du Désert
  • Iymrith, Sventura del Deserto
  • 砂漠滅ぼし、イムリス
  • 사막의 파멸, 임리스
  • Iymrith, Perdição do Deserto
  • Йимрит, Погибель Пустыни
  • Iymrith, perdición del desierto