Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker

Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker {1}{W}{U}

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
Room abilities of dungeons you own trigger an additional time.
"Someone took the time to carve these inscriptions. The least we can do is care enough to read them."
  • Artist: Eric Deschamps
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 224
  • Released: 2021-07-23
  • 2021-07-23 Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker's ability causes the same room you ventured into to trigger an additional time. It does not cause you to move to the next room.
  • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms 224 341 (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 遗迹搜寻客哈玛帕沙
  • 遺跡搜尋客哈瑪帕沙
  • Hama Pashar, Ruinensucherin
  • Hama Pashar, chercheuse de ruines
  • Hama Pashar, Cercatrice di Rovine
  • 遺跡探し、ハーマ・パシャール
  • 遺跡探し、ハーマ=パシャール
  • 폐허 탐색자, 하마 파샤르
  • Hama Pashar, Buscadora de Ruínas
  • Хама Пашар, Искательница Руин
  • Hama Pashar, buscarruinas