Rivals of Ixalan

Rivals of Ixalan contains 212 cards.
It is part of Ixalan block.
Released: 2018-01-19
Sun Sentinel

Sun Sentinel {1}{W}

Creature - Human Soldier
"I will not sleep until Orazca is ours once more."
Sun-Crested Pterodon

Sun-Crested Pterodon {4}{W}

Creature - Dinosaur
Sun-Crested Pterodon has vigilance as long as you control another Dinosaur.
"Pterodons tolerate no intrusion into their skies. Even the clouds must ask permission."
—Mahuiz, Sun Empire archer
Temple Altisaur

Temple Altisaur {4}{W}

Creature - Dinosaur
If a source would deal damage to another Dinosaur you control, prevent all but 1 of that damage.
"Kinjalli sculpted humans from clay, but the dinosaurs were carved from unyielding stone."
—Itzama the Crested
Trapjaw Tyrant

Trapjaw Tyrant {3}{W}{W}

Creature - Dinosaur
Enrage — Whenever Trapjaw Tyrant is dealt damage, exile target creature an opponent controls until Trapjaw Tyrant leaves the battlefield.
"I would advise you not to struggle."
Zetalpa, Primal Dawn

Zetalpa, Primal Dawn {6}{W}{W}

Legendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur
Flying, double strike, vigilance, trample, indestructible
The sky takes flight and the earth trembles.
Admiral's Order

Admiral's Order {1}{U}{U}

Raid — If you attacked this turn, you may pay {U} rather than pay this spell's mana cost.
Counter target spell.
"Damn the cannons, mates. Charge!"
Aquatic Incursion

Aquatic Incursion {3}{U}

When Aquatic Incursion enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 blue Merfolk creature tokens with hexproof.
{3}{U}: Target Merfolk can't be blocked this turn.
Crafty Cutpurse

Crafty Cutpurse {3}{U}

Creature - Human Pirate
When Crafty Cutpurse enters the battlefield, each token that would be created under an opponent's control this turn is created under your control instead.
Possession is eleven-tenths of the pirate code.
Crashing Tide

Crashing Tide {2}{U}

This spell has flash as long as you control a Merfolk.
Return target creature to its owner's hand.
Draw a card.
Curious Obsession

Curious Obsession {U}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card."
At the beginning of your end step, if you didn't attack with a creature this turn, sacrifice Curious Obsession.
Deadeye Rig-Hauler

Deadeye Rig-Hauler {3}{U}

Creature - Human Pirate
Raid — When Deadeye Rig-Hauler enters the battlefield, if you attacked this turn, you may return target creature to its owner's hand.
"Up you go, you soggy rat."
Expel from Orazca

Expel from Orazca {1}{U}

Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. If you have the city's blessing, you may put that permanent on top of its owner's library instead.
Flood of Recollection

Flood of Recollection {U}{U}

Return target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Flood of Recollection.
Jace tumbled down the waterfall and plunged deep into his past.

Hornswoggle {2}{U}

Counter target creature spell. You create a Treasure token.
Being a merciful pirate, she saved the vampire's gold from falling overboard.
Induced Amnesia

Induced Amnesia {2}{U}

When Induced Amnesia enters the battlefield, target player exiles all cards from their hand face down, then draws that many cards.
When Induced Amnesia is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return the exiled cards to their owner's hand.
Kitesail Corsair

Kitesail Corsair {1}{U}

Creature - Human Pirate
Kitesail Corsair has flying as long as it's attacking.
"Why perch in the crow's nest when I can fly like the crows?"
Kumena's Awakening

Kumena's Awakening {2}{U}{U}

At the beginning of your upkeep, each player draws a card. If you have the city's blessing, instead only you draw a card.
Mist-Cloaked Herald

Mist-Cloaked Herald {U}

Creature - Merfolk Warrior
Mist-Cloaked Herald can't be blocked.
With matchless stealth, the River Heralds fought a running battle against the three enemy forces.

Negate {1}{U}

Counter target noncreature spell.
"As one, nature lifts its voice to tell you this: 'No.'"
Nezahal, Primal Tide

Nezahal, Primal Tide {5}{U}{U}

Legendary Creature - Elder Dinosaur
This spell can't be countered.
You have no maximum hand size.
Whenever an opponent casts a noncreature spell, draw a card.
Discard three cards: Exile Nezahal, Primal Tide. Return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.
Release to the Wind

Release to the Wind {2}{U}

Exile target nonland permanent. For as long as that card remains exiled, its owner may cast it without paying its mana cost.
"Here and gone like a fleeting breeze."
River Darter

River Darter {2}{U}

Creature - Merfolk Warrior
River Darter can't be blocked by Dinosaurs.
"Don't make splashes. Make progress."
Riverwise Augur

Riverwise Augur {3}{U}

Creature - Merfolk Wizard
When Riverwise Augur enters the battlefield, draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order.
"Time flows as the rivers do, toward an unknown sea. The wise know to look downstream."
Sailor of Means

Sailor of Means {2}{U}

Creature - Human Pirate
When Sailor of Means enters the battlefield, create a Treasure token.
The rising tide of Orazca's plunder lifted all ships.
Sea Legs

Sea Legs {U}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +0/+2 as long as it's a Pirate. Otherwise, it gets -2/-0.
"When the waves pick up, either you find your feet or you lose your lunch."