The Dark

The Dark contains 122 cards.
Released: 1994-08-01
Base set size: 119 cards.
  • The Dark (DRK)
  • Angry Mob

    Angry Mob {2}{W}{W}

    Creature - Human
    As long as it's your turn, Angry Mob's power and toughness are each equal to 2 plus the number of Swamps your opponents control. As long as it's not your turn, Angry Mob's power and toughness are each 2.
    Blood of the Martyr

    Blood of the Martyr {W}{W}{W}

    Until end of turn, if damage would be dealt to any creature, you may have that damage dealt to you instead.
    The willow knows what the storm does not: that the power to endure harm outlives the power to inflict it.

    Brainwash {W}

    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature can't attack unless its controller pays {3}.
    "They're not your friends; they despise you. I'm the only one you can count on. Trust me."

    Cleansing {W}{W}{W}

    For each land, destroy that land unless any player pays 1 life.
    Dust to Dust

    Dust to Dust {1}{W}{W}

    Exile two target artifacts.
    Tervish never noticed that the amulet had vanished. It had disappeared not only from his possession, but from his memory as well.

    Exorcist {W}{W}

    Creature - Human Cleric
    {1}{W}, {T}: Destroy target black creature.
    Though they often bore little greater charm than the demons they battled, exorcists were always welcome in Scarwood.

    Fasting {W}

    At the beginning of your upkeep, put a hunger counter on Fasting. Then destroy Fasting if it has five or more hunger counters on it.
    If you would begin your draw step, you may skip that step instead. If you do, you gain 2 life.
    When you draw a card, destroy Fasting.

    Festival {W}

    Cast this spell only during an opponent's upkeep.
    Creatures can't attack this turn.
    Only after the townsfolk had drawn us into their merry celebration did we discover that their holiday rituals held a deeper purpose.
    Fire and Brimstone

    Fire and Brimstone {3}{W}{W}

    Fire and Brimstone deals 4 damage to target player who attacked this turn and 4 damage to you.
    Holy Light

    Holy Light {2}{W}

    Nonwhite creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn.
    "Bathed in hallowed light, the infidels looked upon the impurities of their souls and despaired."
    —The Book of Tal
    Knights of Thorn

    Knights of Thorn {3}{W}

    Creature - Human Knight
    Protection from red; banding
    "With a great cry, the Goblin host broke and ran as the first wave of Knights penetrated its ranks."
    —Tivadar of Thorn, History of the Goblin Wars
    Martyr's Cry

    Martyr's Cry {W}{W}

    Exile all white creatures. For each creature exiled this way, its controller draws a card.
    "It is only fitting that one such as I should die in pursuit of knowledge."
    —Vervamon the Elder
    Miracle Worker

    Miracle Worker {W}

    Creature - Human Cleric
    {T}: Destroy target Aura attached to a creature you control.
    "Those blessed hands could bring surcease to even the most tainted soul."
    —Sister Betje, Miracles of the Saints

    Morale {1}{W}{W}

    Attacking creatures get +1/+1 until end of turn.
    "After Lacjsi's speech, the Knights grew determined to crush their ancient enemies clan by clan."
    —Tivadar of Thorn, History of the Goblin Wars

    Pikemen {1}{W}

    Creature - Human Soldier
    First strike; banding
    "As the cavalry bore down, we faced them with swords drawn and pikes hidden in the grass at our feet. 'Don't lift your pikes 'til I give the word,' I said."
    —Maeveen O'Donagh, Memoirs of a Soldier

    Preacher {1}{W}{W}

    Creature - Human Cleric
    You may choose not to untap Preacher during your untap step.
    {T}: For as long as Preacher remains tapped, gain control of target creature of an opponent's choice they control.

    Squire {1}{W}

    Creature - Human Soldier
    "Of twenty yeer of age he was, I gesse.
    Of his stature he was of even lengthe,
    And wonderly deliver, and greete of strengthe."
    —Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
    Tivadar's Crusade

    Tivadar's Crusade {1}{W}{W}

    Destroy all Goblins.
    Witch Hunter

    Witch Hunter {2}{W}{W}

    Creature - Human Cleric
    {T}: Witch Hunter deals 1 damage to target player or planeswalker.
    {1}{W}{W}, {T}: Return target creature an opponent controls to its owner's hand.

    Amnesia {3}{U}{U}{U}

    Target player reveals their hand and discards all nonland cards.
    "When one has witnessed the unspeakable, 'tis sometimes better to forget."
    —Vervamon the Elder
    Apprentice Wizard

    Apprentice Wizard {1}{U}{U}

    Creature - Human Wizard
    {U}, {T}: Add {C}{C}{C}.
    Dance of Many

    Dance of Many {U}{U}

    When Dance of Many enters the battlefield, create a token that's a copy of target nontoken creature.
    When Dance of Many leaves the battlefield, exile the token.
    When the token leaves the battlefield, sacrifice Dance of Many.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Dance of Many unless you pay {U}{U}.
    Deep Water

    Deep Water {U}{U}

    {U}: Until end of turn, if you tap a land you control for mana, it produces {U} instead of any other type.

    Drowned {1}{U}

    Creature - Zombie
    {B}: Regenerate Drowned.
    We asked Captain Soll what became of the Serafina, but all he said was, "Ships that go down shouldn't come back up."
    Electric Eel

    Electric Eel {U}

    Creature - Fish
    When Electric Eel enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to you.
    {R}{R}: Electric Eel gets +2/+0 until end of turn and deals 1 damage to you.