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"Name Sticker" Goblin

"Name Sticker" Goblin {2}{R}

Creature - Goblin Guest
When this creature enters the battlefield from anywhere other than a graveyard or exile, if it's on the battlefield and you control 9 or fewer creatures named "Name Sticker" Goblin, roll a 20-sided die.
1-6 | Add {R}{R}{R}{R}.
7-14 | Add {R}{R}{R}{R}{R}.
15-20 | Add {R}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}.
The Astrotorium has never been a place for self-restraint.
  • Unfinity
Aarakocra Sneak

Aarakocra Sneak {3}{U}

Creature - Bird Rogue
When Aarakocra Sneak enters the battlefield, you take the initiative.
"Shhh! I think I hear goblins. And I definitely smell them."
Related cards: The Initiative Undercity
  • Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate

Aerialephant {3}{W}

Creature - Elephant Performer
When Aerialephant enters the battlefield, you get {TK}, then you may put a sticker on a nonland permanent you own.
Everyone wants to talk about the elephant in this room.
  • Unfinity 2 288
All That Glitters

All That Glitters {1}{W}

Enchantment - Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact and/or enchantment you control.
A faerie's glee at her trove quickly fades to contentment, then to boredom, then to an urge to steal more.
Related cards: Faithful Disciple Giant Secrets Stormkeld Curator
Ancestral Hot Dog Minotaur

Ancestral Hot Dog Minotaur

{TK}{TK} — Afflict 2
{TK}{TK}{TK} — Flying
{TK}{TK} — 1/4
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — 8/6
  • Unfinity Sticker Sheets
Arcum's Astrolabe

Arcum's Astrolabe {S}

Snow Artifact
When Arcum's Astrolabe enters the battlefield, draw a card.
{1}, {T}: Add one mana of any color.
Though the Time of Ice has ended, its relics still slumber in New Argive.

Atog {1}{R}

Creature - Atog
Sacrifice an artifact: Atog gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
On Dominaria, a scavenger. On Mirrodin, a predator.
Related card: Golgothian Sylex
Bonder's Ornament

Bonder's Ornament {3}

{T}: Add one mana of any color.
{4}, {T}: Each player who controls a permanent named Bonder's Ornament draws a card.
"Found families deserve a family crest too."
—Kinnan, bonder prodigy
Carnival Carnivore

Carnival Carnivore {5}{B}

Creature - Alien Crab Horror
When Carnival Carnivore enters the battlefield, you get {TK}, then you may put a sticker on a nonland permanent you own.
Somehow only the third-most dangerous ride in the park.
  • Unfinity 68 354
Carnival Elephant Meteor

Carnival Elephant Meteor

{TK}{TK} — Sacrifice this permanent: Draw two cards.
{TK}{TK}{TK} — Whenever this creature attacks, proliferate.
{TK}{TK} — 4/1
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — 8/7
  • Unfinity Sticker Sheets

Chatterstorm {1}{G}

Create a 1/1 green Squirrel creature token.
"Friends, foragers, fuzzy fighters! Tonight we're after more than just acorns!"
—Larrel, Deep Forest hermit
Chicken Troupe

Chicken Troupe {1}{G}

Creature - Bird Performer
Ward {2}
When Chicken Troupe enters the battlefield, you get {TK}, then you may put a sticker on a nonland permanent you own.
Why did the chicken cross the park? To get to the other ride.
  • Unfinity 133 419
Cloud of Faeries

Cloud of Faeries {1}{U}

Creature - Faerie
When Cloud of Faeries enters the battlefield, untap up to two lands.
Cycling {2}


Land - Locus
Cloudpost enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add {C} for each Locus on the battlefield.
"He watches from above. He watches from below. He watches from within."
—Inscription on Tel-Jilad, the Tree of Tales
Clown Extruder

Clown Extruder

Artifact - Attraction
Visit — Create a 1/1 white Clown Robot artifact creature token.
The sound it makes is indescribable and unsettling, but it does make a great clown.
Attraction Lights: 2, 6
Coming Attraction

Coming Attraction {2}{G}

Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle. Open an Attraction.
The Astrotorium adds new attractions almost as fast as Captain Nebula can crash them into asteroids.
  • Unfinity 135 421
Command Performance

Command Performance {1}{U}

Choose two —
• Open an Attraction.
• Roll to visit your Attractions.
• You get {TK}{TK}.
• You may put a sticker on a nonland permanent you own.
  • Unfinity 42 328
Contortionist Otter Storm

Contortionist Otter Storm

{TK}{TK}{T}: Target creature gains haste until end of turn.
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — Deathtouch, lifelink
{TK}{TK} — 5/1
{TK}{TK}{TK} — 3/5
  • Unfinity Sticker Sheets
Cool Fluffy Loxodon

Cool Fluffy Loxodon

{TK}{TK} — When this permanent leaves the battlefield, draw a card.
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, this permanent becomes a 13/13 Eldrazi creature in addition to its other types until end of turn.
{TK}{TK} — 4/2
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — 5/6
  • Unfinity Sticker Sheets
Costume Shop

Costume Shop

Artifact - Attraction
Visit — You may put a sticker on a nonland permanent you own.
Outfits you'll love at prices you'll tolerate.
Attraction Lights: 2, 3, 6
Cranial Plating

Cranial Plating {2}

Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+0 for each artifact you control.
{B}{B}: Attach Cranial Plating to target creature you control.
Equip {1}
Cursed Firebreathing Yogurt

Cursed Firebreathing Yogurt

{TK}{TK} — Prowess, prowess
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK}{2}, {T}: This permanent deals 2 damage to any target.
{TK}{TK} — 4/2
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — 4/8
  • Unfinity Sticker Sheets

Daze {1}{U}

You may return an Island you control to its owner's hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost.
Counter target spell unless its controller pays {1}.
Deadbeat Attendant

Deadbeat Attendant {1}{B}

Creature - Vampire Employee
When Deadbeat Attendant enters the battlefield, open an Attraction.
Some people will hire anyone with a pulse. Myra isn't that picky.
  • Unfinity 69 355
Deep-Fried Plague Myr

Deep-Fried Plague Myr

{TK}{TK} — Whenever this creature attacks, scry 1.
{TK}{TK}{TK} — Whenever this permanent leaves the battlefield, you may destroy target artifact or enchantment.
{TK}{TK}{TK} — 4/5
{TK}{TK}{TK}{TK} — 8/4
  • Unfinity Sticker Sheets