Quest for the Gravelord

Quest for the Gravelord {B}

Whenever a creature dies, you may put a quest counter on Quest for the Gravelord.
Remove three quest counters from Quest for the Gravelord and sacrifice it: Create a 5/5 black Zombie Giant creature token.
  • Artist: Chris Rahn
  • Collector Number: 108
  • Available foil and nonfoil
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Released: 2009-10-02
  • Set: Zendikar
  • 2009-10-01 Quest for the Gravelord's first ability triggers regardless of who controlled the creature and whose graveyard it was put into.

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Foreign names
  • 探索坟场王侯
  • Suche nach dem Fürst der Gräber
  • Quête du Seigneur des tombes
  • In Cerca del Signore dei Sepolcri
  • 墓所王の探索
  • Busca pelo Senhor da Tumba
  • Поиски Властелина Могил
  • Búsqueda del Señor de la Tumba