Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow {B}

Destroy target creature that was dealt damage this turn. It can't be regenerated.
"What is crueler? To let a wound of the heart fester, or to simply cut it out?"
  • Artist: George Pratt
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 67
  • Released: 1997-06-09
  • 2008-04-01 Fatal Blow can't target a creature that hasn't been dealt damage this turn.
  • 2008-04-01 Fatal Blow cares whether the creature had been dealt damage during the turn, not whether there is still damage on it. If the creature had regenerated, causing all damage to clear, Fatal Blow can still target and destroy it.

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Foreign names
  • Todesstoß
  • Coup fatal
  • Colpo Fatale
  • 命取り
  • Golpe Fatal
  • Golpe de gracia