Teferi's Response

Teferi's Response {1}{U}

Counter target spell or ability an opponent controls that targets a land you control. If a permanent's ability is countered this way, destroy that permanent.
Draw two cards.
  • 2006-01-01 If none of the targeted spell's targets is a land when Teferi's Response would resolve, Teferi's Response doesn't resolve due to having no legal targets.
  • 2006-01-01 Remember that a spell only targets something if it is an Aura or uses the phrase "target" in its text.

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Foreign names
  • Teferis Gegenschlag
  • Réponse selon Téfeiri
  • Responso di Teferi
  • テフェリーの反応
  • Resposta de Teferi
  • Respuesta de Teferi