Merciless Resolve

Merciless Resolve {2}{B}

As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or land.
Draw two cards.
"You sought to anger me, Nahiri. Soon you will see how well you have succeeded."
  • 2016-04-08 Players can respond to this spell only after it's been cast and all its costs have been paid. No one can try to destroy the creature or land you sacrificed to stop you from casting this spell or to make you sacrifice a different one.
  • 2016-04-08 You must sacrifice exactly one creature or land to cast Merciless Resolve. You can't cast it without sacrificing a permanent, and you can't sacrifice additional permanents.

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Foreign names
  • 无情决断
  • 無情決斷
  • Gnadenlose Entschlossenheit
  • Résolution impitoyable
  • Determinazione Spietata
  • 無慈悲な決意
  • 무자비한 결의
  • Determinação Impiedosa
  • Безжалостная Решимость
  • Determinación despiadada