A Little Chat

A Little Chat {1}{U}

Casualty 1
Look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the other on the bottom of your library.
  • Artist: Matt Stewart
  • Watermark: maestros
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 47
  • Released: 2022-04-29
  • 2022-04-29 If there's only one card in your library as A Little Chat resolves, you'll put it into your hand.
  • 2022-04-29 Casualty N means "As an additional cost to cast this spell, you may sacrifice a creature with power N or greater." and "When you cast this spell, if a casualty cost was paid for it, copy it. If the spell has any targets, you may choose new targets for the copy."
  • 2022-04-29 You may sacrifice only one creature to pay a spell's casualty cost, and you copy the spell only once.
  • 2022-04-29 If you pay the casualty cost of a spell, the copy will resolve before the original spell.
  • 2022-04-29 The copy of the spell is created on the stack, so it's not "cast." Abilities that trigger when a player casts a spell won't trigger.
  • Streets of New Capenna (uncommon)

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Foreign names
  • 谗言入耳
  • 讒言入耳
  • Kleiner Plausch
  • Petite discussion
  • Discorsetto
  • 耳打ち
  • 짧은 대화
  • Conversinha
  • Небольшая Беседа
  • Intercambiar unas palabras