Foe-Razer Regent

Foe-Razer Regent {5}{G}{G}

Creature - Dragon
When Foe-Razer Regent enters the battlefield, you may have it fight target creature you don't control.
Whenever a creature you control fights, put two +1/+1 counters on it at the beginning of the next end step.
  • Artist: Svetlin Velinov
  • Collector Number: 187
  • Available only as nonfoil
  • Promo: instore
  • Rarity: rare
  • Released: 2015-04-03
  • Set: Tarkir Dragonfury
  • Stamp: oval
  • Watermark: atarka
  • 2015-02-25 You choose the target of the first triggered ability as it goes on the stack, but you choose whether or not to fight as that ability resolves.
  • 2015-02-25 If the target creature you don't control becomes an illegal target of the first triggered ability before it resolves, Foe-Razer Regent won't fight and its last ability won't trigger.
  • 2015-02-25 If a creature you control fights during an end step, the delayed triggered ability that puts +1/+1 counters on that creature won't trigger until the beginning of the following turn's end step.

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Foreign names
  • 焚敌龙侯
  • 焚敵龍侯
  • Feindtilger-Regentin
  • Régente rase-rival
  • Reggente Distrugginemici
  • 仇滅の執政
  • 적을 파괴하는 섭정
  • Regente Arrasadora de Inimigos
  • Регент Карающего Истребления
  • Regente arrasadora