Treacherous Blessing

Treacherous Blessing {2}{B}

When Treacherous Blessing enters the battlefield, draw three cards.
Whenever you cast a spell, you lose 1 life.
When Treacherous Blessing becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.
Phenax is generous with gifts and unforgiving of debts.
  • Artist: Marco Teixeira
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 117s
  • Released: 2020-01-24
  • 2020-01-24 An ability that triggers when a player casts a spell resolves before the spell that caused it to trigger. It resolves even if that spell is countered.
  • 2020-01-24 If you cast a spell that targets Treacherous Blessing, you choose whether you lose 1 life before or after you sacrifice it. You lose 1 life even if you sacrifice it first.

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Foreign names
  • 变节祝福
  • 變節祝福
  • Tückischer Segen
  • Bénédiction traîtresse
  • Benedizione Insidiosa
  • 裏切る恵み
  • 기만적인 축복
  • Bênção Traiçoeira
  • Предательское Благословение
  • Bendición traicionera