Serrated Arrows

Serrated Arrows {4}

Serrated Arrows enters the battlefield with three arrowhead counters on it.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if there are no arrowhead counters on Serrated Arrows, sacrifice it.
{T}, Remove an arrowhead counter from Serrated Arrows: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.
Related card: Apocalypse Chime
  • 2008-08-01 The upkeep trigger checks the number of counters at the start of upkeep, and only goes on the stack if there are no arrowhead counters at that time. It will check again on resolution, and will do nothing if you've somehow manage to get a new arrowhead counter on the Arrows.

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Foreign names
  • 锯刺箭
  • Gezackte Pfeile
  • Flêches barbelées
  • Flèches barbelées
  • Frecce Dentellate
  • 鋸刃の矢
  • Flechas Denteadas
  • Зазубренные Стрелы
  • Flechas dentadas