Whirlwind of Thought

Whirlwind of Thought {1}{U}{R}{W}

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, draw a card.
  • Artist: Bram Sels
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 80837
  • Released: 2020-04-30
  • 2020-04-17 An ability that triggers when a player casts a spell resolves before the spell that caused it to trigger. It resolves even if that spell is countered.
  • 2020-04-17 Players can cast spells and activate abilities after the triggered ability resolves but before the spell that caused it to trigger does.
  • Magic Online Promos (rare)
  • Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Promos 215p 215s (rare)
  • Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths 215 348 (rare)

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Foreign names
  • 思绪旋风
  • 思緒旋風
  • Wirbelwind der Gedanken
  • Tourbillon de pensée
  • Vortice di Pensiero
  • 思考の旋風
  • 생각의 소용돌이
  • Redemoinho de Pensamentos
  • Вихрь Мыслей
  • Torbellino de pensamientos