Quirion Ranger

Quirion Ranger {G}

Creature - Elf Ranger
Return a Forest you control to its owner's hand: Untap target creature. Activate only once each turn.
"Respect the earth, for it will one day be your shield and another day your blanket."
—Liefellen, Quirion exarch
  • Artist: Allen Williams
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 62443
  • Released: 2017-06-17
  • 2021-06-18 Returning the Forest you control to its owner's hand is the cost to activate the ability. Once you activate the ability, no one can try to do anything to the Forest to stop you from activating the ability.
  • 2021-06-18 You may return any land you control with the subtype Forest. It doesn't have to be one named Forest.
  • 2021-06-18 You can target any creature with Quirion Ranger's ability, not just a tapped creature.

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Foreign names
  • 奎利恩流浪汉
  • 奎利恩流浪漢
  • Quirionwaldläufer
  • Ranger quirionais
  • Ranger di Quirion
  • クウィリーオン・レインジャー
  • 퀴리온 경비대원
  • Patrulheiro Quirion
  • Квирионский Лесничий
  • Explorador Quirion