Gather the Townsfolk

Gather the Townsfolk {1}{W}

Create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens.
Fateful hour — If you have 5 or less life, create five of those tokens instead.
In the memories of those they lost lies the strength needed to defend their city.
  • Artist: Bud Cook
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 43511
  • Released: 2014-10-17

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Foreign names
  • 集合镇民
  • 集合鎮民
  • Die Bürger versammeln
  • Rassemblement des citadins
  • Radunare i Cittadini
  • 町民の結集
  • 주민 소집
  • Reunir o Povo
  • Сбор Горожан
  • Reunir a los aldeanos