Frozen Aether

Frozen Aether {3}{U}

Artifacts, creatures, and lands your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.
Gjornersen entertained his followers by taking bets on which would move first—the drowsing land wurm or the frozen goblins.
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  • Artist: Dan Dos Santos
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Collector Number: 54
  • Released: 2007-02-02
  • 2007-02-01 Cards enter the battlefield tapped. They do not enter the battlefield untapped and then immediately tap, therefore they do not trigger any effects due to tapping.
  • 2007-02-01 It affects all opponents.
  • 2007-02-01 Does not affect cards that phase in.
  • 2007-02-01 It applies to cards and tokens that are put onto the battlefield by an effect, as well as ones that are played from the player's hand.

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Foreign names
  • 乙太冻结
  • Gefrorener Äther
  • Aether gelé
  • Etere Congelato
  • 凍りつく霊気
  • Éter Congelado
  • Замороженный Эфир
  • Éter congelado