Hall of Triumph

Hall of Triumph {3}

Legendary Artifact
As Hall of Triumph enters the battlefield, choose a color.
Creatures you control of the chosen color get +1/+1.
Heroes act without thought of glory or reward. Accolades are a consequence, not a goal.
  • Artist: Chuck Lukacs
  • Watermark: herospath
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 162
  • Released: 2014-04-26

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Foreign names
  • 凯旋大厅
  • 凱旋大廳
  • Halle des Triumphes
  • Mégaron du triomphe
  • Sala del Trionfo
  • 凱旋の間
  • 승리의 전당
  • Salão do Triunfo
  • Триумфальный Зал
  • Sala del triunfo