See Beyond

See Beyond {1}{U}

Draw two cards, then shuffle a card from your hand into your library.
Ancient lore locked in a mind driven mad is just as safe as when it was locked deep underground.
  • Artist: Andrew Robinson
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 25
  • Released: 2016-11-25
  • 2010-06-15 The card you shuffle into your library may be any card from your hand. It doesn't have to be one of the cards you drew with the spell.
  • 2010-06-15 You have to shuffle a card from your hand into your library even if you don't draw any cards (due to replacement effects or Maralen of the Mornsong's ability, for example). If your hand is empty, you don't shuffle your library.

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Foreign names
  • 远见
  • Darüber hinaus sehen
  • Voir plus loin
  • Vedere Oltre
  • 先読み
  • Ver Além
  • Взгляд Насквозь
  • Ver más allá