Dementia Bat

Dementia Bat {4}{B}

Creature - Phyrexian Bat
{4}{B}, Sacrifice Dementia Bat: Target player discards two cards.
"When terror outweighs all other thoughts, they will understand that I am the true Father of Machines."
—Azax-Azog, the Demon Thane
  • Artist: Daarken
  • Watermark: phyrexian
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 55
  • Released: 2011-05-13
  • 2011-06-01 Unlike most abilities that force a player to discard cards, this ability may be activated whenever you could cast an instant, including during your opponent's draw step after they have drawn a card.
  • 2011-06-01 You can't force an opponent to discard a card they cast by activating Dementia Bat's ability in response. The spell is on the stack by then.
  • New Phyrexia (common)

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Foreign names
  • 痴呆蝙蝠
  • 痴呆蝙蝠
  • Wahnwitzfledermaus
  • Chauve-souris de démence
  • Pipistrello della Demenza
  • 狂気コウモリ
  • Morcego da Demência
  • Нетопырь Слабоумия
  • Murciélago de demencia