Seal of Cleansing

Seal of Cleansing {1}{W}

Sacrifice Seal of Cleansing: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
"I am the purifier, the light that clears all shadows."
—Seal inscription
Related card: Seal of Primordium
  • 2021-06-18 Sacrificing Seal of Cleansing is the cost to activate its ability. Once you activate the ability, no player can do anything to Seal of Cleansing to stop you from activating it. Notably, if you cast Seal of Cleansing during your turn, you'll have priority to activate its ability before anyone can respond to stop you.

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Foreign names
  • 净化之缄印
  • 淨化之緘印
  • Siegel der Reinheit
  • Sceau de nettoiement
  • Sigillo della Purezza
  • 浄化の印章
  • 정화의 봉인
  • Selo da Purificação
  • Печать Очищения
  • Sello de limpieza