Archon of Cruelty

Archon of Cruelty {6}{B}{B}

Creature - Archon
Whenever Archon of Cruelty enters the battlefield or attacks, target opponent sacrifices a creature or planeswalker, discards a card, and loses 3 life. You draw a card and gain 3 life.
Malice spreads on wings of tyranny.
  • Artist: Andrew Mar
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Collector Number: 75
  • Released: 2021-06-18
  • 2021-06-18 You and the opponent you target take all the actions in the order listed. Notably, the creature or planeswalker they sacrifice won't be on the battlefield as they discard a card or lose life. If any abilities trigger, they will wait to be put on the stack until after the spell resolves. If any abilities controlled by that opponent trigger but losing 3 life causes them to lose the game, none of those abilities will be put on the stack.

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Foreign names
  • 残酷统领
  • 殘酷統領
  • Archon der Grausamkeit
  • Archonte de la cruauté
  • Arconte della Crudeltà
  • 残虐の執政官
  • 잔인함의 집정관
  • Arconte da Crueldade
  • Архонт Жестокости
  • Arconte de la crueldad