Doran, the Siege Tower

Doran, the Siege Tower {W}{B}{G}

Legendary Creature - Treefolk Shaman
Each creature assigns combat damage equal to its toughness rather than its power.
"Each year that passes rings you inwardly with memory and might. Wield your heart, and the world will tremble."
  • Artist: Rob Alexander
  • Watermark: wotc
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Collector Number: 5
  • Released: 2017-01-01
  • 2007-10-01 Doran's ability means, for example, that a 2/3 creature will assign 3 damage in combat instead of 2.
  • 2007-10-01 Doran's ability doesn't actually change creatures' power; it changes only the value of the combat damage they assign. All other rules and effects that check power or toughness use the real values.
  • 2007-10-01 This effect is mandatory and affects all creatures.

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Foreign names
  • 攻城塔杜蓝
  • Doran, der Belagerungsturm
  • Doran, la Tour de siège
  • Doran, la Torre d'Assedio
  • 包囲の搭、ドラン
  • Doran, a Torre de Cerco
  • Доран, Осадная Башня
  • Dóran, la torre de asedio