Brain Maggot

Brain Maggot {1}{B}

Enchantment Creature - Insect
When Brain Maggot enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals their hand and you choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card until Brain Maggot leaves the battlefield.
  • Artist: Dave Kendall
  • Collector Number: 11
  • Available only as foil
  • Frame Effects: nyxtouched
  • Promo: fnm, tourney
  • Rarity: rare
  • Released: 2014-01-01
  • Set: Friday Night Magic 2014
  • Stamp: oval
  • Watermark: wotc
  • 2014-04-26 Brain Maggot's ability causes a zone change with a duration, a new style of ability that's somewhat reminiscent of older cards like Tidehollow Sculler. However, unlike Tidehollow Sculler, Brain Maggot has a single ability that creates two one-shot effects: one that exiles the nonland card when the ability resolves, and another that returns the exiled card to its owner's hand immediately after Brain Maggot leaves the battlefield.
  • 2014-04-26 If Brain Maggot leaves the battlefield before its enters-the-battlefield ability resolves, the opponent will reveal their hand, but no card will be exiled.
  • 2014-04-26 In a multiplayer game, if Brain Maggot's owner leaves the game, the exiled card will return to its owner's hand. Because the one-shot effect that returns the card isn't an ability that goes on the stack, it won't cease to exist along with the leaving player's spells and abilities on the stack.
  • 2014-04-26 The exiled card returns to its owner's hand immediately after Brain Maggot leaves the battlefield. Nothing happens between the two events, including state-based actions.

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Foreign names
  • 坏脑蛆
  • 壞腦蛆
  • Hirnmade
  • Ver de cervelle
  • Larva Cerebrale
  • 脳蛆
  • 뇌 구더기
  • Verme Cerebral
  • Мозговой Червь
  • Larva cerebral