Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder {2}{W}

Support 2.
Draw a card.
"Sea Gate may have fallen, but we still stand. We still fight."
—Gideon Jura
  • Artist: Chris Rallis
  • Rarity: common
  • Collector Number: 20
  • Released: 2017-06-16
  • 2016-01-22 You can't put more than one +1/+1 counter on any one target using the support action.
  • 2016-01-22 Support can target a creature you don't control.
  • 2016-01-22 If a spell with support has other abilities that target creatures, those abilities and the support ability can target the same creature.

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Foreign names
  • 并肩作战
  • 並肩作戰
  • Seite an Seite
  • Coude à coude
  • Spalla a Spalla
  • 戮力協心
  • 협력하기
  • Ombro a Ombro
  • Плечом к Плечу
  • Codo con codo