Gemini Engine

Gemini Engine {6}

Artifact Creature - Construct
Whenever Gemini Engine attacks, create a colorless Construct artifact creature token named Twin that's attacking. Its power is equal to Gemini Engine's power and its toughness is equal to Gemini Engine's toughness. Sacrifice the token at end of combat.
  • Artist: Nottsuo
  • Rarity: rare
  • Collector Number: 121
  • Released: 2004-02-06
  • 2004-12-01 The Twin token enters the battlefield as an untapped attacking creature. It's not subject to any costs to attack or restrictions on attacking.
  • 2004-12-01 The Twin token won't trigger any abilities that trigger "when [a creature] attacks."
  • 2004-12-01 The token's power and toughness are set equal to Gemini Engine's power and toughness. If there's a Glorious Anthem on the battlefield (which gives your creatures +1/+1), Gemini Engine is 4/5. The Twin token starts as a 4/5, and then the Anthem gives it +1/+1, making the Twin a 5/6 creature.
  • 2004-12-01 Once the token has been created, its power and toughness aren't dependent on Gemini Engine's power and toughness, and they won't change if Gemini Engine's power and toughness change.
  • Darksteel (rare)

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Foreign names
  • 双子引擎
  • Zwillingsmaschine
  • Machine à gémeaux
  • Macchina Gemella
  • 双子エンジン
  • Gêmeos Mecânicos
  • Motor geminiano