Darigaaz Reincarnated

Darigaaz Reincarnated {4}{B}{R}{G}

Legendary Creature - Dragon
Flying, trample, haste
If Darigaaz Reincarnated would die, instead exile it with three egg counters on it.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Darigaaz is exiled with an egg counter on it, remove an egg counter from it. Then if Darigaaz has no egg counters on it, return it to the battlefield.
  • 2018-04-27 If another effect says to exile Darigaaz if it would die, you may apply Darigaaz's own effect first, giving it three egg counters.
  • 2018-04-27 If Darigaaz is exiled without any egg counters on it, its last ability won't trigger and won't return it to the battlefield.

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Foreign names
  • 复焚龙王达里迦
  • 復焚龍王達里迦
  • Darigaaz der Wiedergeborene
  • Darigaaz réincarné
  • Darigaaz Reincarnato
  • 転生するデアリガズ
  • 환생한 다리가즈
  • Darigaaz Reencarnado
  • Даригааз, Переродившийся
  • Dárigaaz reencarnado